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Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail Recipe

Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail

Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail Recipe – Another great and easy Vodka recipe to prepare. Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail, a combination of vodka, Galliano, and orange juice serve with ice cubes and orange slices. Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail Ingredients: 3 measures orange juice 1 measure vodka 1 teaspoon Galliano Ice cubes Orange slices, to decorate

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Calvados Cream Cocktail Recipe

calvados cream cocktail

Calvados Cream Cocktail Recipe  – Calvados Cream Cocktail is a French drink, it is usually serve at Christmas and it goes along well with desserts such as warm puddings. Calvados in an apple brandy that is made in Normandy, France, using fermented apple juice (cider) which is distilled and aged in oak casks. ...

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Apple & Raspberry Juice Recipe

apple & raspberry juice

Apple & Raspberry Juice Recipe  – This juice can be made using either fresh or thawed frozen raspberries and it can be substituted by any berries you want. If using thawed frozen raspberries, you may find that it produces a little more juice than the fresh ones. If you want, you can add ...

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Jungle Juice Recipe

jungle juice

Jungle Juice Recipe  – This is a delicious fruity punch recipe with a heavy alcohol content that you will surely love and it can serve many on a limited budget. Pisang Ambon is a very sweet, bright green liqueur from Indonesia and is made from herbs and green bananas. It works well ...

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Leafy Apple Lift-off Juice

leafy apple juice

Leafy Apple Lift-off Juice Recipe  – This delicious blend of fruit and fresh green leaves is refreshing and healthy. The leaves are robustly flavoured and have a peppery, pungent taste. To prepare the leaves, discard any damaged and disclosure ones and rinse thoroughly in cold water to remove any grit. To prevent the ...

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Fig, Coconut and Banana Smoothie Recipe

fig, coconut and banana smoothie

Fig, Coconut and Banana Smoothie Recipe  – A delicious, creamy and healthy fig, coconut and banana smoothie to enjoy this summer. For maximum fibre content, use either dried fruits that need soaking and then poaching gently for about 10-15 minutes, or use ready-to-eat dried fruits, which do not need soaking first. Serves 2 Fig, ...

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New Yorker Cocktail Recipe

new yorker

New Yorker Cocktail Recipe  – A classic New York whisky drink, this cocktail is very popular in all bars and restaurants. There seems to be little consensus on what traditionally constitutes a New Yorker, some recipes calling for claret instead of grenadine, but mostly flaunt a rich red colour and they all provide ...

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Pear-Raspberry Slusher Recipe

pear-raspberry slusher

Pear-Raspberry Slusher Recipe  – Fresh berries in season are best for this recipe, but frozen berries and canned fruits are easy for grabbing. You can also try and replace raspberry with any berries you prefer. Blending ice cubes with fruit makes an irresistibly frosty drink. Mint and lime add pizzazz to this classic pear-raspberry ...

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