New Yorker Cocktail Recipe

new yorker

New Yorker Cocktail Recipe  - A classic New York whisky drink, this cocktail is very popular in all bars and restaurants. There seems to be little consensus on what traditionally constitutes a New Yorker, some recipes calling for claret instead of grenadine, but mostly flaunt a rich red colour and they all provide ...

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Pear-Raspberry Slusher Recipe

pear-raspberry slusher

Pear-Raspberry Slusher Recipe  - Fresh berries in season are best for this recipe, but frozen berries and canned fruits are easy for grabbing. You can also try and replace raspberry with any berries you prefer. Blending ice cubes with fruit makes an irresistibly frosty drink. Mint and lime add pizzazz to this classic pear-raspberry ...

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Grapefruit Cooler Recipe

grapefruit cooler

Grapefruit Cooler Recipe  - This delicious and refreshing grapefruit cooler, a summer cocktail to enjoy with friends  and a great way to start your day. To those who love grapefruit here’s a fabulous refreshment to try out and enjoy. A simple and great drink made with grapefruit juice, lemon juice, mint and sugar ...

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Bossanova Cocktail Recipe


Bossanova Cocktail Recipe  - This gorgeous Bossanova cocktail is made with white rum, Galliano, apricot brandy, apple juice, lime juice and sugar syrup. This cocktail is great when you’re serving a platter of grilled dishes like steak, bbq chicken, sausage or seafood and having some grillin’ and chillin’ party at your own backyard. Serves 2 ...

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After Dark Crush Cocktail Recipe

after dark crush

After Dark Crush Cocktail Recipe  - A delicious and creamy tropical rum cocktail recipe to enjoy while having a pool party. A perfect drink to serve at the beach party, especially to those who love creamy cocktail.  This After Dark Crush cocktail calls for barbadian rum, koko kanu “coconut rum”, coconut cream, ...

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Orange Flip Drink Recipe

orange flip

Orange Flip Drink Recipe  - A refreshing and healthy orange drink recipe. Take care when selecting the eggs in this recipe. Use eggs that are as fresh as possible and before use, store either in their box or in the egg compartment of the fridge. Allow to come to room temperature for 30 ...

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Courgette & Cucumber Smoothie Recipe

courgette & cucumber smoothie

Courgette & Cucumber Smoothie Recipe  - A delicious green vegetable smoothie filled with vitamins and antioxidants. Serve this smoothie well chilled for maximum enjoyment; keeping the ingredients in the refrigerator and serving immediately will help. This smoothie is great for dealing with fluid retention. Serves 2 Courgette & Cucumber Smoothie Ingredients: 1 whole hothouse cucumber ...

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Mint Julep Cocktail Recipe

mint julep 1

  Mint Julep Cocktail Recipe  - A popular drink that is so fresh and minty, some mint juleps are served without crushing the mint and sugar syrup together. A traditional mint julep is made with 4 ingredients such as mint, bourbon, sugar and water. Spearmint is the variety of mint most commonly ...

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Calvados Cream Cocktail Recipe

Calvados Cream Cocktail Recipe  - Calvados Cream Cocktail is a French drink, it is usually serve at Christmas and it goes along well with desserts such as warm puddings. Calvados in an apple brandy that is made in Normandy, France, using fermented apple juice (cider) which is distilled and aged in oak casks. ...

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